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Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel View Post
Excellent, I'd like to get myself a new board alongside a new CPU!

To the AMDefenders: just wait until AMD starts doing the same, because you know...business...money...
AMD has already said there next Ryzen cpus would work with existing boards.

Originally Posted by CptRusty View Post
I for one am not complaining. I been waiting for an upgrade worth my money since the 4970K. This works for me. If you got deep pockets, this is no issue. If not, cut the crap. You guys are complaining like you have money to prebuy the crap out of it only the extra 250(ish) for a decent motherboard brakes your budget? Bullcrap. If the new motherboards can hold for another 3gen then they are doing a great job. I'll upgrade then too.
So you're saying if you don't have the money tough crap and buy it anyway? Yeah totally makes sense.
Refrain from being rude. That doesn't fly here
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