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Originally Posted by hmmblah View Post
Does the router belong to EE or to you? Easiest thing to do would be to get a router that supports this. Ubiquiti is a great choice and will give all sorts of stats on the connection with very little set up or playing around with things. Mikrotik does this too. Most home routers I've dealt with in the $150+ range have some kind of built-in stats. I mostly stick to ASUS and Ubiquiti now.

If you can log into your current router that doesn't support this, does it support sending logs to a syslog server?
Ya most newer routers I have seen have some sort of UI interface for built in stats/configuration. I use Asus personally. Has the benefit of Merlin firmware support which is pretty neat.

As suggested though Dice a few options but they will require money. But you love to buy new things LOL
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