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RX 470 with 400W Power man PSU.

So I have a build I'm throwing together for a friend with a lightly overcooked fx 6300 and an rx 470, and I can either use a Power man IP-S400DQ3-2 or pull an Antec EA-500 off my ddr2 testbench. While I know the Antec would have no issues, I'd like to get a second opinion on the Powerman since its just sitting here. It has 2 12v rails with limits of 18 and 16 amps between them, and if they bothered to get it 80 plus white labelled it should be able to handle it, but I'd hate to be the guy who didn't check and wind up with blue smoke.

I have been testing it for a couple hours and haven't seen any issues like when I was overclocking a q6600 on a 350w psu that ended up hoping out. Usually I'd make the decision myself on these matters with the experience I have, and if it was a modern single rail unit it would be fine. Haven't managed to get a definitive answer yet, most people point to PSU calculators that provide mixed results.

Thanks all for your opinions.
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