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Originally Posted by jamesriley94 View Post
Voltage resistors will make them quieter yes - but it doesn't get round the fact that they aren't good fans to begin with. They don't shift a massive amount of air for the amount of noise they produce, and using voltage resistors won't exactly improve that.
I'm assuming they'll be on a radiator? If so, you'll most likely need a fan with high static pressure, which the Sickelflows aren't.

You may be right about the mesh, I'm not sure. I've not had a proper look at the 900D yet tbh.

Maybe look at Silverstone AP121 as you can get them with Green LEDs. If not, maybe the Bitfenix Spectre/Spectre Pros. Can't think of any more that would be suitable for radiator use with green LEDs.
yes the 4 sickleflows will be on the quad radiator. you're right I should have gone with some bitfenix spectres.. but do you think that they're SO bad that they're not worth putting on a quad radiator at all? So bad that I should change them? If I find out that the 900D doesn't have a visibile bottom rad compartment then I'll go for better fans some noctuas maybe.. Pictures are up if you're interested!
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