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Thread: 5700 or 2070?
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Why is watercooling essential? Do you have the leaf blower design? If so I could see that being the case. Though if you have one of the good Air cooler models it should be totally adequate?

As a side note, are you complaining about drivers for the GPU? If so, you flashed it to a different BIOS, it's bound to run into issues as the drivers weren't made with that intention. You could try using DDU in safe mode to remove the drivers, then reinstall the latest ones as a fresh install and see if that helps. Also look into any Windows update incompatibilities. The newest Windows version 1909 has some problems.

The 2070 Super should cost roughly the same as the 2070. It will give performance within 5% of a 2080. If you want to upgrade, then that would be my suggestion.
Hey, thanks.

It is the blower style and when pushing the navi you need watercooling, if you dig around enough you'll see that's the case unless staying at stock power settings.

Maybe I wasn't clear but my post does say I haven't used the 5700 yet - I was just stating my reasoning for the purchase.

5700 is £300
2070 is £350 - 21% higher effective speed than 5700
2070 super is £450 - 27% higher effective speed than 5700 and just 6% over 2070

£50 more for a 2070 over a 5700 to get 21% makes sense
£150 more for a 2070S over a 5700 to get 27% doesn't seem worth it as 6% is costing £100 there

All the stats I'm using are from userbenchmark.

Am I missing something?
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