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Originally Posted by demonking View Post
This. Had ray tracing been put into games first and we all struggled to run them on our 10 series cards and then Nvidia dropped the RTX cards they would have been seen as heroes. Instead it was seen and still partly is as a massively overpriced gimmick. Promises don't sell solutions do
It's still a chicken/egg problem. Crytek doesn't use the APIs that will allow ray tracing acceleration.

We now have DXR for DX12 and RT Vulkan extensions, which opens the door for future raytracing acceleration hardware. As it stands, Crytek's solution has no room for hardware acceleration, though they will undoubtedly bring that in at some point.

Everything takes time to get into games. Tesselation took a while to become widely used, DirectX 11 took ages to become common and the same will happen with raytracing.

Yes, people will see the first RTX cards as overpriced and gimmicky, but the move to RT needed to start somewhere. Even now we are seeing RTX cards age a lot better than Pascal.
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