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Originally Posted by reeper250 View Post
I am looking at buying a second GTX680 4GB or second 7970 for a multi GPU setup for my build. I am currently using a single 2560x1440 monitor but may add more (possibly two 24"s down the track).

I have both the 680 and 7970 and would rather keep them then buy a GTX 770 or 780 because in Australia the prices for the new gen cards are crazy... I can get another 7970 for $295 AUD or GTX680 4GB for around $350 AUD. However, I can buy the 7970 right now but I'd have to wait till someone has a 680 4GB card for sale. Both cards will be watercooled by the way.

ID say go for the AMD card, unless you can get a 680 with a water block already.
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