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Everything a man needs!

Right, decided to take couple of shots of my cave. I used a Nokia with a cracked lens for the pictures so bear with the image quality. You can click each image for a larger version.

Desk itself:

It never ceases to amaze me that the G15 still works just fine. Also notice the Sempron 3000+ which is now attached to my keyring.

Overview of the room:

People comment the looks of the chair, but looks matter little compared to comfyness! Audio gear is connected to a Yamaha RX-v765 which is connected to the PC via HDMI. Television is simply a third monitor.

Inside my rig:

It is rather cringe-worthy compared to most rigs posted here. I am in dire need of a new case and a proper aftermarket CPU cooler. The wiring capabilities of the 300 are nothing worth shouting about, but at least I've attached SSD properly recently. IDE is still alive! Hopefully not too long.
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