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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Not sure if you take things personally or whatever, but seems like you're having a go at a lot of people, much of the time. I was just trying to help out, as best I could, to the extent of my knowledge.... But guessing having a go at people is better than actually contributing with something that would help the OP with his issues.

Anyhow... OP, good luck with your issues and hope they get resolved soon. As this area is unfortunately out of my expertise, someone else around here would be better suited in assisting you with your issue(s).
He's not taking it personal at all. This is the ASUS customer care forum where people come for support, returns or tips n tricks and your post had no contribution, relevance, no help or postive/negative feedback whatsoever.

My only suggestion for OP is to use the ASUS USB flashback. I guess thats the easiest quickest solution to a working bios. Should be quick and painless as I recall the process being very simple via usb. These days I am very skeptical on new releases so unless there is a security flaw I tend to hold off on a version or two unless its essential to operating new hardware. You problem has happened to me on the maximum IX extreme, but the flashback resolved it.

A newer updated bios was then released to fix the M/KB issue but they never listed it and considered it a silent fix.
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