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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
I can understand your frustration, as something so little can cause great deal of being annoying to you... Although, how often is it that you actually use the BIOS? Maybe 1-3 times if you’re just gonna setup your PC. More if you’re an avid overclocker.

the mouse and keyboard issue is only the most obvious issue (at least for me, using a ryzen 1700 on this board. other CH6 system won´t boot when using a ryzen 3000 and 7106).
and it is only one issue in a row of issues with asus bios releases.

the 7106 has also issues with the voltage and ryzen 3000.
asus can´t even supply the correct voltage as it seems.

yes it is a new cpu generation and all. but please... messing up the voltage?

i know other vendors are not better. maybe they are all worse.
but that such obvious bugs are going unnoticed (or even worse are ignored) makes me .. lets say.... i am not amused.

thing is i want to sell this crosshair 6 and the buyer asked me to make it ready for a ryzen 3600x.
unlike asus i don´t like to give away something that does not work as expected.

i have swallowed my anger often enough. waited for the next BIOS and hoped for a fix.
but this time and with these circumstances i thought i might say something.
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