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Crosshair Hero 6 BIOS 7106 warning

some old bugs are back in 7106 and some new ones.

most annoying for me is that the mouse will not work in the bios.
and 1 out of 10 times even the keyboard will not work.

a friend has the same issue with bios 7106.

asus does not remove crappy bios versions or even write a short notice on the download page when bugs are known.
they just let the customers play betatester.

i have seen this over and over.
obvious bugs that even a 10 year old betatester would notice.

so i can only assume that asus has no betatesting program at all.


the praise TTL gives asus for their bios implementation sounds like a bad joke when you see such obvious issues go unnoticed.

if other brands are even worse i can only wonder why people still buying their crap.
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