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They did exactly the same with programmable shaders to be fair, first gen hardware is always the least efficient by a long shot, but someone has to make it before you can get wide scale testing and development.

Even the few ray tracing software implementations that have been available have come a long way in the roughly 6 months since Turings launch though and upcoming implementations seem to improve on that efficiency further, but of course real progress comes from both mature software & hardware together, but every early adopter should know this already.

But I doubt we'll be seeing an NVidia replacement in the next 6 months, they havn't even finished the Turing roll out yet, and if they were to use first gen 7nm they'd already be taping out but 7nm demand statements from Samsung & TSMC don't seem to indicate that. It's quite likely NVidia are waiting for EUV for their next generation cards, which would put 2021 as the earliest we'd expect it, but that gap still wouldn't be nearly as big as the two and a half years between Turing and Pascal.
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