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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
They offer very little now because its new software. Give it time and it'll improve.
Ai isn't going anyway, it'll only get better. But it sure as hell better not get more expensive but being as greedy as Nvidia is, it will probably get more expensive.
To make it work better NVidia have to add more transistors to their chips which will increase the price.

The reason things like Ray Tracing are not that good is NVidia are asking too much of the node the Turing cards are on which means very large expensive chips.

I very much doubt that Ray Tracing will get much better for Turing as we are already nearly 6 months into the Turing architecture and in another 6 months we will be looking at its successor.

NVidia have made a total mess of Ray Tracing on Turing and it is their responsibility and failure that there is not adequate numbers of games that can run all the features of RT on the cards. For this NVidia should be heavily criticised not the software companies who were forced to deal with inadequate hardware that can not properly use Ray Tracing. Only when people really criticise NVidia for this mess both with their wallets and their opinions will they start producing cards that are fit for purpose.
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