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I just saw this article and while I know the source isn't the best out there, given they're quoting other people here I think that can slide, but I guess this kind of stuff is another part at play here, there isn't a lot of solid answers for many illness' and people hold a lot of strong views about what works and what doesn't on areas where research isn't conclusive, and it's hard to avoid possible overcaution when dealing with other peoples lives.

Alfie's mother Hannah Deacon called the legislation a 'catastrophic failure' and has even heard of a patient's doctor saying he will 'be sacked if he writes a prescription'.

A professor of neurological rehabilitation has called the situation 'appalling' and blames 'overcautious guidelines' for preventing NHS doctors prescribing the now-legal medication.
or to get down to the less emotive but more logical causes:
Medicinal cannabis is currently unlicensed so doctors can prescribe it only if a patient has a need that can't be met by licensed medicines.

Under the new rule, GPs are not allowed to prescribe cannabis-derived medicines. It has to be a specialist consultant, for example in neurology or paediatrics.
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