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Originally Posted by ET3D View Post
How many times did you run this? Steve at Gamers Nexus said that he ran each test about 20 times, simply because there is quite a bit of variability.
How many times I run CPU tests depends on the game. I always ensure that windows updates are finished before any testing and only select benchmarking areas where I can achieve a high level of repeatability and highly consistent data.

Typically, CPU testing is conducted over three runs for each configuration. The data is then checked and repeated again if there are any outliers (which rarely happens). If you select a benchmarking scene where there is little variance run-to-run you won't need to benchmark 20 times for a single processor (assuming that is what you meant by 20 runs).

Before proper CPU testing, I typically run a scene 5-10 times in a row to be sure there is little run-to-run variability to start with. A well-selected test scene can eliminate the need for a crazy number of test runs.
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