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Originally Posted by Wraithguard View Post
That's awesome

Some things that do need adding, but where do we draw the line with "essential tools"...

Pin Extractors, Rules, Para Cord/Braid, Heat Shrink, Scalpel/Stanley/Xacto, Heat gun, Grinder, Scroll saw, Jigsaw, Multi meter, Tweezers, Anti-static wrist strap, ect ect ect...

Essential, what you should have for "basic" modding or modding over all? Or damn it you should have all this stuff... some tools can be worked around but can also be a better option in the end. It's tricky to cater for every ones needs I'm finding.
Telling someone they 'should' have something, or they 'need' a piece of equipment to do any particular mod well is just wrong and so I think saying essential is really not the right term. There are a few tools on the list i've never used similarly i've never really seen anyone use a lathe to do rigid tubing

I think it needs to be a guide, a set of starting points and not necessarily comprehensive, because it never will be.

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