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Originally Posted by name='AMDFTW'
how would you rate these against the dali lektor 3's,and how come you dident go for the short AVIANO 1's
Having not heard the Lector's, I don't know mate to be honest. They have the ribbon tweeter yeah? I've heard good things, but I got the 906i's at a great price and I'd demo'd them too so I plumped for them

At first I went for the 906i's instead of a sub, but soon wanted more I've got the BK Elec XLS200DF now and it rocks.

The Aviano's weren't out when I got my speakers, plus they are a lot more expensive than what I paid for the 906i/905i/903i combo.

I also wanted the option to get my own sub if I wanted one and I'm incredibly glad I got one, the BK is superbly controlled and rumbles when I need it too.

Next step will be when we move (so not for a while yet). I'll be looking at B&W, XTZ and perhaps some others, we'll see.
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