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I'm looking at this from the perspective of a PC gamer, just like most everyone on this forum. I would only ever use this service on my PC sat at my desk. I am having a hard time believing that sending a signal to a remote server and waiting for the signal to get back to me is going to be good enough.

OK as I type this I'm thinking about another angle. We play multiplayer games on our computers connecting to a remote server, so there is lag at that end, the game server. Getting shot behind cover, tick rates, that one player from Kathmandu with a ping of 250 screwing up everyone's game. Maybe all of those other things get sorted. It sure as heck would be nice to play on a server without any hackers and aimbots. Maybe this is a great idea? I really don't know. If it is then I won't have to upgrade my PC for the next ten years or so because if this thing is just here to run Chrome I feel it may be a little overpowered
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