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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
It uses better cores since yields are better and has higher quality memory chips which gives them a nice stock boost over the 200 series. Overclocking them is little better and by far the AIBs use much better coolers. Sure they aren't entirely new but they are not rebrands, it's a refresh. Even though they are refreshed they still keep up with Nvidia. So it's not a bad thing. Besides technically you could say all GCN/Fermi based cards are refreshes since each architecture since then is just more refined and improved. It's still not a bad thing
Similar line of the refresh vs rebrand, their performance comparison is for a reference 290 vs a custom cooled 390 board? I just don't understand how those numbers should really have a bearing. What does a custom cooled 290 run vs a custom cooled 390, that's the real comparison that needs to be made.

That's part of the shadiness of rebrands and refreshes I think. It doesn't seem like there is a direct comparison very often. With cards so closely related, performance percentages as seen in the article aren't hard to come up with comparing a known inadequate cooler design vs something much more substantial.
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