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D'you know what? I've kinda had this feeling since RT came along that somehow AMD's big fat heater cards would be able to do it somehow. Kinda by throwing brawn at it.

It would also not be the first time that Nvidia have tried to monopolise a technology by coming up with a small lump of hardware that you must have to be able to run something (G-Sync for example).

Like I said ages ago RT will only happen when it's for all, not just a tiny % of half of the market (I don't mean half by actual user figures I mean half as in AMD and Nvidia, two halves make a whole and all that s**t).

That's exactly why Microsoft have just made DX12 work in Windows 7, because they want every one to code for DX12 (probably more importantly for their future consoles).

It could only take one meaty game like Crysis 4 to turn this whole shenanigans on its head.

The last part of what you said in the article is very telling, IMO. This bit...

Crytek has also stated that the technique will be optimised for the latest graphics cards and supported APIs like Vulkan and DirectX 12.

Or in other words "Pascal's gonna suck". God, it's almost like Nvidia knew all of this and rushed out their RTX cards before it happened. And yes, that's proper titty licking tinfoil hat stuff there but it does seem mighty odd ! I can just see Nvidia in the boardroom now...

"Quick ! RT is about to become a thing let's quickly get out a tech unique to us before AMD can come up with anything !"

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