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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
The HD660s are $500 US. So if you paid more than that I would say that's a ripoff since according to Google that should translate to 377british pounds. So paying more than us across the pond is a bad deal

HD700/800 imo are horribly over rated. Not saying they are bad but they get way to much focus because they just simply cost the most. Each have a moderate amount of bass but afaik the HD700 has great mids and highs and the HD800 has a wider soundstage but ear piercing highs. Both are also VERY amp dependant. I doubt you could run them close to there full potential off a Fiio E10k honestly.

Since you aren't sold on the Dt 990, you could get the Dt1990? Its probably more what you are looking for in comparison anyway. Bass is slightly better but far more clarity and responsiveness. Mids/highs will be better. But most of all what you are looking for is massive soundstage. I own the DT990 Pros and it's a fantastic headphone and under $200 is one of the best ones for open back. But in comparison to the HD series it's cheaper and at a disadvantage. So the best option is the DT1990 as a comparison and seeing as I found it for amazon prime for 378 pounds that's a far better deal than the HD660s.

For me it comes down to the HD660s and DT1990. Both are amazing but considering one is much cheaper it's probably best to get a Dt1990.

I own a pair of Beyer Amirons. Uses the same driver as a DT1990 but it's slightly different tuned but still open back. Also worth a consideration. SUPER comfortable. Like forget its there comfy. Love them. Use them for gaming and music for hours. DT should be similar in comfort, it just has a slightly stronger clamping force so it's more snug.
I live in Israel so shipping and import fees are sky high for whatever you order,
that makes the 380gbp 1990 into a 500gbp pair of headphones.
I would love to get the 1990 instead of the 990, and based on a lot of recommendations I see that the Beyerdynamic line-up is superior price/performance-wise.

So last question is - I'm supposed to be traveling to Berlin this September, should I look to pick up a DT1990 there or get a pair of DT990s locally?
The 1990's cost would end up being slightly less than 3 times of the 990
Let me rephrase this:
Does the 3:1 cost ratio mean a somewhat close to 3:1 performance ratio on the E10K? Or should I spend less, but get a better DAC/AMP combo within my price range to accommodate future upgrades, for example, to a DT1990 or HD 660S?
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