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I know the 650s are quite old but then, there are the HD6XX from Massdrop, what do you think about those?
Have a friend with a pair that I could try them at but he's away on holiday at the moment.
Also, heard a lot about the DT990s as well, but wasn't completely sold on them.

Also, let's say that my current picks would be
1. 250Ohm DT990 Pros - Available locally for about 190USD
2. HD6XX from Massdrop for 215USD incl. shipping but I don't know about any import fees, don't think there's gonna be any.
Looked on Amazon for the HD660 S and HD700, but apparently they don't ship here.

Also, if you think that the price difference is going to be worth it - the HD660 S don't ship here from Amazon but are available locally for 580USD, and the HD700 for about 650USD

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
More bass because it's a closed headphone. So if that's what he wants sure.

Comes down to open vs closed headphones. If he wants open then imo the best headphone for the money is a DT 990. For closed it's the DT770.

If he wants to spend more it becomes even more complicated. So many headphones. I personally not a that big a fan of Senns but I've only listened to some closed ones.
Bass isn't the most important thing for me, even though I listen to a lot of bass heavy tracks I prefer the bigger soundstage of the HD598s for the sort of heavier bass of the M50x that I currently own.

Also, for gaming I enjoy the bigger soundstage more, so I guess i'll go open back again!
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