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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
They truly are. It is the benchmark, this O11, particularly the XL. I've never seen a better use of interior space in a case. Liked the case so much I own two now, LOL! But I tried to give Fractal another chance, lesson learned, never again. Until those guys learn how to make a case without a billion compromises, I'll not touch a Fractal case again.
CaseLabs was and still is the benchmark for any case manufacturer. Khm...(that doesn't mean copy/paste Thermaltake). O11 offers a similar approach but more mainstream-friendly. They still have a lot that needs to be changed. Airflow for example is very restricted in O11. Those fan cutouts are just too small. Also air filters are garbage. Complete waste of material.

Edit: Even though O11 is far from a good case the rest of the market is just complete horse manure so O11 is only the best of the bad bunch.
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