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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
I know the exact details are embargoed but do you feel these B550 boards going to slot into similar price points as the 450's?

Some of my contracts have been put on hold for now so I can't "splash out" until we're on the other side of lockdown, though I'm happy paying extra for the motherboard now.

I was considering the 1600AF(A seemingly rebadged 2600) over the 3100 since my software development work relies a lot on VMs, and my PCB design toolchain relies on a fair few applications simultaneously. Game performance is nice but not a priority, so I guess I'll wait for reviews on that one.

Edit: @AlienALX Yeah I made sure to select the AF models, CCL are the only company I could see specifying them


Only just saw this, fair point
Some details are embargoed ATM for B550 etc. Should be a few weeks for the new Ryzen reviews.

I'd wait for reviews on this. Not sure about your specific workload, but B550 will have an impact on the market.
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