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After I stopped laughing I figured I should update.

I downloaded it again after installing it again for the first time in over a year.

From my brief write up on another forum.

So Wastelanders, then.

Is very strange. It basically turns 3 hours of the game into "Almost a single player FO game" and then dies on its ass. There are some OK quests. Nothing great. Sadly it's limited to one small outpost, and if you play with a friend one of you gets stiffed out of XP if you choose to do the quests together. Within three hours? it's back to being the same pile of it was before.

I wondered how much they could add in a year. Turns out about three hours.

And then to add.

Gawd knows. I literally ignored it completely until Wastelanders came out. At least it explains who the scorched are...

But yeah, it's very little very late. Just another cash grab IMO and the shift to Steam on the same day?

If it progressed as much as a proper Fallout game then it would be so much better. But the whole pay to win thing makes it incredibly tight. With things like weapons and ammo etc. Even on the last quest the NPCs give you you are awarded.. Wait for it..... A shotgun. I already had about five.

There are plus points since I played it last. Firstly it explains properly how to use your C.A.M.P. And thus, I was making things pretty quickly. Before you had to listen to audio tapes, but the problem is you are trying to do this with your team mates talking (or yelling in frustration) at the same time. So the NPC make all of that so much better. As I say though, it's still tight fisted AF. Ammo is scant, caps? lol they may as well be unobtainium (even with the scrounger card) and so on. I also noticed immediately that the in game store had a big green "FREE!" thing next to it. So the store itself is free, but everything in it costs real money LOL.

So yeah, whilst not a complete and utter train wreck any more it's still a car wreck with numerous rolls and at least two broken legs and a ruptured spleen.

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