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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
Nice work on the fans. Certainly not what we usually see here. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
They don't make them any more. It's twelve years old lol. When it arrived I needed the drivers and programming software but it was on a mini cd. Feck. Ended up stripping an old computer for its DVD drive, then realised it was IDE. Thankfully the site still exists and you can get the software there.

They still make like clocks and room fans like it (not the same company, Techmoan has a few devices) but yeah no more PC fans. Which is odd, because it's really cool.

I have drawn up a complete shroud for that and bought some satin black vinyl to cover the horrible logo etc. I also need to braid it and yada ya, same old stuff.

Today I finally finished the GPU LED diffuser. It's a chunk of 8mm acryl, that sits below the block with the LEDs stuck on top. Then there is a grey part that shrouds it in. The issue I had was that the grey part pees light. So I had to glue some acetate (black) to the back. Vinyl was thin and looked patchy. Which meant loads of work and then re polishing all of the edges because they went white from the superglue.

It's not easy when you set yourself a rule "no using power tools in new flat". I had to break that rule twice, but that's it. I also removed a large chunk of flesh from my thumb with the finger belt sander and it's taken two days to dry up.

Couple of notes. It's absolutely filthy and covered in finger marks and the paint still badly needs doing. Few bits and pieces before I get to that, though.

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