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Controlling Fan Speed Using Temp Sensor with BIOS

So I have a temperature sensor attached to my water loop and I wanted to adjust my fan speed depending on the water temperature through the BIOS, but I can't seem to get the fans to react to it, at all.

Motherboard is an ASUS Z270 TUF Mark.1, and the temp sensor reports lowest temps at 37C and highest at 45C. So I set up a curve in the BIOS selecting the source as Temp Sensor 1 where it's located, I can see the BIOS reporting a temperature, but there is absolutely no reaction from the fans at all. I used HWInfo to check the temperatures going up while stress testing the system, so it's not like the temp sensor isn't working.

I used the following PWM curve in the BIOS

PWM connector: Chassis Fan 2
Source: Temp Sensor 1
Max: 50C / 60% duty cycle
Middle: 45C / 50% duty cycle
Min: 38C / 25% duty cycle

So what's going on here? Is the BIOS just failing to control the PWM curve when Temp Sensor is selected as source? I'm starting to wonder if this is the case, or something else is happening I haven't thought of.
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