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Hey guys and it is update time yet again! This is update four of the build log!

This update is focusing on the CPU/ RAM and the watercooling associated with the CPU/ RAM!

Here is the EK Supremacy EVO that is going to be used in the build! It was used in my last build and it did a great job in that!

Hello guys!

Not the cleanest it has been but it was as clean as I could get it after 4 cleans with Isoproplyn... Again, this has been used before and would be the reason it isn't a complete mirror.

Now its the RAM's time to shine!

I bought a 32gb (4x 8gb) DDR4 set for the system! It is a 2400mhz kit but I intend to overclock this to at least 3000mhz! I had the choice between the value RAM or paying a little more for the Ripjaw branded ones. I went for these as the heat spreaders were going to be coming off anyways...

I am glad that they chose to have the PCB black! It makes it a lot easier to hide under the EK heat spreaders unlike previous RAM I used which was blue...

I gave the system a boot with the RAM in before putting the heat spreaders on to make sure that they werent bricked on arrival or that I had bricked them while putting the EK heat spreaders on...

I just love the aesthetics of RAM with the monarch kit attached! It just looks amazing compared to all this super aggressive looking RAM. I love a minimalist style and this fully ticks the box for me!

A little look at the outer packaging of the Monarch RAM waterblocks!

Here are the RAM waterblocks for the system! These things again tick the box for looking so sick!

One of these came from my last build but I have also got a new one!

Here is the RAM installed into the motherboard! It looks so amazing! I am loving it!

I did a little research and found that the best method for applying thermal paste for 2011 CPU's is to use the X shape on the processor. It allows the thermal paste to be spread out evenly and not have any air bubbles within it...

The CPU waterblock has landed! I have installed it up side down because I am going to have the CPU/ RAM pointing one way as you will usually view it from the left side and will look the right way up.

I had to look at this picture/ computer multipe times after installing the blocks onto the RAM as it just didnt look straight! I had the spirit level out many times and I can confirm that they are straight and it is just the lens distortion causing the bend!

Here is another angle for the RAM and CPU blocks! I am so happy with how this is looking! I cant wait to be putting the fittings/ tubing in place to make this look awesome!

Finally here is a look at the fittings I will be using. These are the 16mm Barrows fittings. These things look great!

Realistically these are just copies of bitspower multi link advance fittings. However these don't cost an arm and a leg!

Thanks guys for checking out this fourth update of my build log! There is loads more stuff coming so make sure you subscribed to the thread but also make sure you drop a comment in! Its always nice to talk to you guys! I am always open to ideas!

Thanks again guys!

TPK Awwwwaaayyyyy
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