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Thinking about logically I think the 3090 Ti/Super is going to be using this new connector that attaches to 3 x 8 pin connectors as it's only 2% more cores compared to the 3090 Vanilla so it wouldn't warrant 100+ watts more.

It's basically an Nvidia A6000 with half the memory and that thing has a suggested PSU of 700w with roughly the same base and boost clocks as a 3090 so it suddenly jumping up to 600w from the PCI-E cable and 75w from the PCI-E slot doesn't make sense.

I bet they're just using this connector so that they can also get PSU manufacturers and AIB's ready for when Q4 2022 hits and their new series of cards launches with this connector as standard and the ability to use more power if needed.

My line of thought any way
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