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Hello everyone!

I'm excited to have found this forum, and I look forward to sharing within the community. I've nearly completed my 63rd trip 'round the sun, but I'll try and refrain from starting with the "Well, back in my day..." montage, lol. I will say, however, that computers have been a passion of mine since before they had earned anywhere near the popularity we see today, and I still enjoy building all my own gaming rigs.

To me, it's an art form much like sculpture or painting - you start with an idea and then you make it incrementally better along the way, honing it and refining it until your build is something you can be proud of. Another thing I've noticed is that when you're talking builds, games and PCs, age doesn't matter.

Whenever I meet someone that shares this hobby and we start talking, it doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80 - this common interest seems to have no age barrier and I rather enjoy that. After all, we're all kids on the inside when it comes to games and PCs, and I'd kinda like to stay that way! Best wishes to all!
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