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Originally Posted by Darkdayzzz View Post
The ultrawide comment makes perfect sense. What DOESN'T make sense about this idea from ASUS is simply this: Why buy 2 or 3 of those monitors when you could instead buy one large ultrawide and another monitor for your normal chat stuff like discord and internet and stuff incase you need to look up something while playing.

I don't know this idea seems...good but not needed anymore either. I guess the saying of "too little too late" might fit here, or might not. Idk lol.
Also, the costs are a thing to keep in mind, considering the Swift and Strix are definitely not what I'd consider "at reasonable price". They are effing expensive and who even has 3 of them!? I guess you'd be even cheaper off if you buy an ultrawide and another seperate monitor.

My concerns about a stretched picture are eliminated by the proprietary aspect of the product itself, I guess. So the light will only be refracted so much that the bezels disappear, but what about the actual picture? There will still be a disturbance in the picture.
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