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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
While this is great for comparing the raw performance, does anyone have any testing to see if there's any games/settings that are practical on say a 1080 or something? Maybe BFV? It'd be cool to see if implementations mature enough to make basic effects for any DX12 card possible & I guess more importantly meaningful. I think it's pretty clear what point is being made by Nvidia with Exodus at Ultra DXR & 1440p and it's a relevant one but yeah it'd be cool if there was abit more to this than just a demo at how bad old hardware is.
I was part of a conference call with Nvidia yesterday where they spoke about this in a lot of detail. Long story short is that you will need to aim for 1080p, maybe lower a few other settings and you should get playable framerates in some ray tracing titles with DXR on.

There are a few examples on Nvidia's website now. Battlefield V shouldn't be too hard to play with DXR on with some non-RTX GPUs, though a lot of this is due to Dice's optimizations in BFV since launch.

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