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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Looks just like the Vector block I have on my VII, nice piece.

NBD: it certainly benches faster (VII), that's for sure. HBM can be OCed too, but it's capped at 1200mhz for the memory clock OC (stock is 1000). Without that water block, hitting over 2000 on the core would have been impossible. If I recall, it's about a 2000 point difference in Time Spy between stock air and 2100mhz core/1200mhz HBM at higher voltage under water. Massive difference.
Its a love or hate thing. EK make all their blocks look the same across all brands and models.

Personally I like that idea since I could swap to AMD and still enjoy the same beautiful blocks they produce. Others may call it lazy and lack of creativity. Suppose it also helps keep design costs down.

I have become obsessed with wanting to see a block with black nickel plating or black gloss and lit up with white lighting. Don't ask me why but i just need to see one. EK are you reading this??? hook me up
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