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I think it'll be fine mid term
The PSUs rated 40 A on +12 V rail means 480 W for the power hungry bits

The 9900K seems to have a max of 205W draw to the CPU and Palit 1070 is capped at 217W, giving 422W internal draw for the main bits.

NVMe drives are capped at 7W max, chipset and key gubbins will rarely go over 10W, though possibly rarely abit closer to 20W with everything else if the WiFi is on. RAM sticks will come in around 3W each. Each fan should be firmly under 1W each if 120mm non-RGB. So say 40W max for all of the rest to be super safe.

Gives you 460W, tight, but that's assuming the rig is running 100% full pelt, Prime AVX on the CPU with a heavy workload on the GPU, chipset running full whack with WiFi ect all at once. Given without overclocking, gaming loads will likely come in around 60% of this, I think you should be safe for a couple of years while the PSU securely holds its rated capacity. Issue is of course, it won't take too much wear and tear to start hitting instability if talking longer term, though not sure how over-spec'd these EVGA PSUs are.
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