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We play Insurgency. Quite a lot as it goes. Sadly compared to PUBG it's like a glass of water compared to a glass of champagne. PUBG, for all of its flaws, is absolutely excellent and I don't say that lightly. It's just so dynamic. Every game is completely different and because of the mechanics there is always that one special moment you generate that makes it so good.

We're not very good at it, and we die a lot, but the laughs we have are unmatched. Plus the recoils and etc are all very realistic. Much more so than any other FPS game I have ever played, which is what makes it so subtle and skilled.

Sadly for some reason Unreal Engine has a beef with certain 20 series RTX cards. I think it has a beef with all GPUs, but some of the early Turing cards suffer with it badly. AC is another game that can make the VRAM overheat. It's quite a common issue on 2080Tis tbh. When I bought it the guy I got it from was honest about it and sent me a link to a thread where people were complaining about it. Fan profiles and ETC stop it crashing but yeah, its just a GPU cooker.

With this case I have more options. Like, far more options. I still have the block for this GPU too, so water cooling is not out of the question given the case supports two 240mm rads. I still have a pump and top too and loads of other gear.

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