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In no particular order:

Persona 5 - The best JRPG of the generation. Absolutely stellar story, characters, sound, and art style. Even if you're not a JRPG fan, give it a shot if you can.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - The best JRPG on the Switch. See the same points as Persona but the characters tend to be fan service which knocks it down a little, but it's still a brilliant game nonetheless.

Papers, Please - Incredible indie game that takes something completely mundane and puts a spin on it that is as engaging as it is intruiging. Glory to Arstotzka.

Cities Skylines - Took what made SimCity great and rolled while EA systematically ruined it. Also has some of the best modding community in gaming.

Elite Dangerous - See Yahtzee's review, he puts it better than anyone.

Life is Strange - I didn't like the ending but the world, characters, story, and soundtrack worms its way into you and takes you on a nostalgia trip to your teenhood and stomps on your heart whenever it can. But it is definitely a game you can only experience once.

Runners up:
Metro Exodus - While a fantastic game in itself, it don't look fondly as I do 2033 and Last Light. It just didn't feel like Metro. But it did feel like Metro crossed with Stalker.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Has the foundations to be the best Flight Sim ever made, but it's just so rough in areas it felt like a beta test when it launched
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