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Witcher 3 obviously, ffvii remake, getting to play shenmue 3, Braid an amazing puzzle game, Portal, black desert online played a ton of that, diablo 3 when it was good, Resident evil 2 remake.

Most likely many more I could mention but they came to mind, as for the best experience not finished the game yet Half Life: Alyx really is an amazing game ok if it was a normal game it would be pretty easy but in VR it's a really nice experience, enjoyed what I've played of that so far at times too far from my own reality and living in the world, I'm sure the valve Index is an awesome piece of kit, but the rift S I got plays it really really well and only one cable nothing else to think about. A must have VR game I'd find it hard to say get VR unless you were going to get that, sure beat saber is fun and no doubt some of the others I have, but half life for some of us is an important series and they done a very good job with it
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