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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
It is not like that Tom at all. You can actually see them ripping off one another. If let's say Hardware Unboxed releases some video that attracts a lot of attention. Like with AMD drivers. You can actually see other similar sites just popping videos about the same subject in the next day or two. Just bodged talking head videos that you can do in the amount of time since the original release. It is so transparent.
Yeah this. I should have clarified Tom that wasn't a dig. Like, one of them will have an idea (not reviews) and then the others all do the same bloody thing.

They really are that low on ideas ffs.

And yeah the algorithm sucks. Thankfully I did find Craft Computing though, and he does some really good videos about using old server gear etc. It's all about money though. Once you make it into the top money earners they pimp the crap out of them.

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