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Originally Posted by Korreborg View Post
With a G-sync monitor i don't think you will notice a difference
As i see it, as long as its not a competitive game 60 or 100 fps isn't important.
Nope. And any way, Fast Sync will run the game as fast as you can run it any way.

I was going to do a big write up on this but to cut it all very short.. Adaptive Vysnc globally cures any tearing and input lag. The price? you *will* feel the game slow down and it will be noticeable but you won't get any tearing or input lag. I have not used Fast Sync yet. I have, however, used Gsync and it wasn't that much better than AVS. Again, you *will* most certainly notice the game slowing down. Absolutely 100% it's unavoidable when you tank from 80 to 30 FPS for example, but it seems to do a similar thing to AVS where you don't get any tears or input lag.

The answer for perfection? as always, throw power at it. *if* you can keep your min FPS above 60 on a 60mhz monitor Vsync will be enabled but there will be no input lag. It really is as simple as that.

There are two main bugbears with gaming. Tearing and lag. Tearing is hideous (it happens when your FPS exceed the hz of your monitor) and lag causes death. In BF3 I could not do the sniper in the mall part because of input lag. It was awful. However, like I said, no technology no matter how good is going to stop the sensation of dropping from 80-30 FPS, or in fact any 50% drop in frame rate. You are definitely going to feel it and notice it, no matter how good the technology for preventing tearing and input lag. That is just PC gaming.

I just throw Titans at the resolution I run. It has worked very well for me. Much better than Gsync, which I did have.

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