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Originally Posted by AllyB View Post
It's no probs buddy, i think i've got the build pretty much sorted now, i've found a set of corsair memory that is compatible with Ryzen, little bit more expensive but not massively tbh. Just got to get it ordered now, i had debated about if it was truely worth getting a 1080ti or whether a 1070ti would be perfectly fine as it does bring the price down a fair little bit.

But i'm guessing i'd just be silly to go for the 1070ti?
TBH a GTX 1080 Ti is crazy overkill for a 1080p display. I'd say a 1080 Ti is worth it if you want to upgrade to a 1440p monitor, but if you are sticking to 1080p a 1070Ti GPU might be a better option, as 1080p will leave a lot of performance on the table a lot of the time.
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