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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
OK, good choices all around really.

With the 1700 and 1700X having the same price it is up to you which you want. The 1700X has higher stock clock speeds and 1700 has a stock cooler. Both will overclock similarly. 1700X will run best in a non-overclocked state, so you will have a faster system with that until you can dial an overclock in.

Memory wise Ryzen can be a little annoying, though I have found the G.Skill typically works the best. BIOS updates have imporved Ryzen's memory support a lot, but it is best to go for G-Skill ATM. Below is a "Ryzen Optimised" Flare X kit


Cooler wise, you should see our Ryzen 5/7 cooler overview here.

Long story short the cooler you have listed will work great, though the H115i did work marginally better with a lower retail price. £119.99

I use an H115i in my current system with a 4GHz overclock without any issues.


CoolerMaster's MasterLiquid series does offer a lot more value for money though. Their new Master liquid 240 RGB replaces the Master Liquid 240 that we tested with a price of £69.99 and RGB fans (If that matters to you).


You PSU, and GPU choices are good for their price brackets. Case wise you will need to make sure that your chosen radiator is supported (be it 240mm or 280mm)

Motherboard wise you can go for a cheaper model like the Strix to save money, though it seems like WiFi is a major factor for you since you didn't go for the cheaper Hero board.
Yeh WIFI is a big one as i've got no way to run a cable to the computer, with where it is located.

Just had a look through that coolers nice but if the coolermaster will do the job thats good then, with regards to the memory thats a new one i wasn't 100% aware of that ryzen 7 has issues with memory! So i may have to relook at that as i'm only getting everything from OCUK, i'll have to have a relook at memory. What i may do is drop the Mobie down to a strix so i can change the GPU for the strix instead of the gigabyte.
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