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Look mate, whatever you buy will be old hat within months. It's actually worse now with AMD going at it lol. At least before you could get botty bummed by Intel but your four cores would last you a year or so. Now? haha Intel have had a core enema and it will only continue because AMD found a way to make 8/16 CPUs really cheap. A quad core with no HT doesn't cut it for high end gaming any more but a 1600 is the perfect balance of cost, performance and multi threaded performance.

The other issue is board cost. You won't get hardly anything else out of that Z370 board for double the price. Intel need to sort that out, because currently even their "cheap" CPUs like the quad core I3 need a stupid priced board. They ain't silly, they charge a socket license for every board that is why they keep getting greedy.

So yeah, IMO 1600 B350 Strix DDR4 is still a massive upgrade over what you have now. Just make sure you buy a well built 1080Ti with a very big cooler on because they are hot SOBs. The Founders cooler simply isn't adequate and you will lose 15-25% of the performance because of heat and clock throttle. The Gigabyte cards look amazing, but as we've seen on this forum they usually arrive bent because they are a bit cheaply made.


Much better off with that IMO. Unless the GB is much cheaper. Plus Zotac give you a 5 year warranty.

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