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Then get a Ryzen 1600, with a B350 Strix and then upgrade to Ryzen + next year. Honestly, it is enough for any one.


Half the price of the Intel ! with the same specs just a lower clock. And then.


TBH dude in 6 months time you could do both of those again ^ and still have only spent the same amount.

It's not even hard these days. Serious, it's quite boring.. B350 Strix, 1600 or 1700 if you feel rich, job done. The CPU is not the important factor any more. Not since Ryzen..

Oh yeah, and in before the Intel witnesses turn up to lynch me. Yes, the 8700k is faster. HOWEVER, it is not twice as bloody fast ! maybe 20% if you are lucky yet it costs 100% more.

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