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Originally Posted by AllyB View Post
Ah fair play that clears things up alittle!

As i said i do want to try keep my budget 1500/2000 with the basket i listed plus a case and a couple of other bits it is sitting about that.

I suppose what i'm more getting at is, do i really need to go and buy a 8700k or would a 1800x or 1700x be fine for what i want? The GPU i'm looking at it around 700/800 so not a cheap one!
Are you just gaming or is this system also serving as a tool for productivity or as a workstation? If yes it would be good to know what you will be doing, Blender, video editing etc.

For gaming alone, it is hard to argue with an 8600K, as not many games are likely to use more than 6 cores and they could be overclocked to around 5GHz. If you can use the extra threads the 8700K will perform better, hard to know how long it will take for games to use all 12 threads on that.

With Intel, you have an easier time selecting memory and will have higher performing single threads, though AMD does offer a lot of pure CPU performance for the money with the Ryzen 7 1700 when overclocked.

If you want a system right now Coffee Lake is a good bet, though you could wait for AMD's Ryzen refresh to see what they have to offer. There should also be a tonne of new SSDs at CES, which might help make NVMe M.2 drives a little cheaper.
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