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Please, please wait for Ryzen +. There is a very high chance that the line up will include a very good rival for the 8700k only much cheaper. With a cheaper board, meaning you can put the spondooleys into a better GPU.

The best bang for buck is waiting. It would be really, truly silly to buy something now only to feel conned in about three weeks. Intel has nothing over AMD apart from clock speed. And if AMD can get another 4-500mhz out of Ryzen even as it sits it would be right up there with Intel's CL.

As for NVME? that would be no, no and no.I don't have a single NVME drive and my rig crushes, even without it. It's really not worth the outlay IMO, unless it's going to be the same price as a regular M2 or SATA SSD. If you really must though look into Intel's "budget" NVME though even they are honkingly priced right now.

Also I would avoid Gigabyte boards no matter what the tech, company or CPU. They are dire. Stick with Asus, or even MSI.

4k is doable on a 1080Ti, however I would wait, bide your time and see what AMD come up with. the Xp Star Wars is now only a couple of hundred quid more than the 1080Ti and it is faster.

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