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Intel might have there own fabs but i wouldn't expect masses of stock cause it really wouldn't suprise me if these were made at TSMC, lets face it Intel are way behind on fabs atm at least anything that works as well as TSMC.

They do need to sell at a far cheaper price being new in the market for GPU's just to get started and get people buying them, then their next run around up the price, then there is the software and driver side of things will it be upto par and regularly enough.

I know Intel can do well they have the money to make anything they want so i'm not saying these will be bad, but look how things are atm way to many blind fan boys/girls.

I ditched a bunch of YT channels, cause while i can agree with their viewpoint it's just chessy badly made content and i'd rather get my news from better made YT'ers. MLID at least makes an effort to put together some half decent thought out content in general regardless of his ego which is very noticable at times, but the others that make a video for the sake of it half rolled out of bed bad audio camera lighting and no real point than to moan i've grown tired of even if i can agree.
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