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I think that zen has really caught Intel with their pants down.
Yes the 9900k is still one hell of a processor but when you look at this CPU in particular its trading blows, stock with a CPU that is £130 more expensive in every way. Imagine where it would be if AMD had been on this node for as long as Intel has been on 14nm and pretty much the same architecture for even longer.
If the next gen AMD can speed up the infinity alongside the actual clocks, as they should be able to once this node has matured a bit, Intel may struggle to compete without dropping their margins significantly. Its a great time to be in the market for hardware, the only thing that worries me is how quickly i expect this to evolve now we have a competitive battle ground.
For the majority of the last decade quad cores were where it was at, i wonder how long it will be until a consumer CPU is 64 cores. Tell me 5 years ago that there would a 12 core as a mainstream part and i would not have believed you.
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