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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
Considering Chinese miners account for 80% of the worlds organised mining pools, and China has effectively banned the ability to profit from them there by cracking down on bank transactions, you'd think this would be a bit of a larger drop, their crackdown there is nearing a ban on global organised mining until any large surviving pools move.
If the US government suddenly said US residents weren't allowed to buy meat, everyone wouldn't just immediatelly obey! Some would be glad it happened, some wouldn't mind it and immediately obey, some would stock meat, some would just keep buying, etc, etc. Some people need to feel the consequences of their actions to take warnings and laws seriously, some others prefer to just move somewhere else, while some will wait a little to see if the decision isn't revoked. So no, it actually looks like the curve is going down as expected. and should keep trending down for a while.
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