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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
I understand why he is confident. AMD is no treat at all. AMD needs to take that money that they would give to companies for optimisation, and marketing, and free coffe for workers, and create one uber mental GPU and just bump it on the market. No announcements, no marketing. Just come one day and say here is our GPU and it destroys the green team. Then we would have proper competition. Until that day nVidia will rule like they have ruled all this years, and AMD would just get scraps at the lower end market. Even with their "new" RX 500 cards they are not worth buying.
The RX500 series is worth buying.
AMD is a threat, they are capable of competing, but they are strapped for cash. I think you over estimate how Nvidia "ruled all these years". They really have only been ahead with Pascal, and as time goes on, there older cards get worse while AMDs gets better.
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