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Originally Posted by MrKambo View Post
ahh excellent, ill remind you dont worry loving the coolers by the way
Excellent, and thank you!

Up and Running, Ghetto Style

Hardware Validation

I've put the system together temporarily to validate the M/B, CPU and memory, so
far all seems good. A minimal Arch Linux setup has been installed and is
successfully running BOINC at the moment.

I'm not running BOINC as a hardware validation tool, that's not what it's
designed to do. I have (mostly) validated the hardware and am now just running

Just to clarify.

Gotta love low-power CPUs, core temps after about an hour of running BOINC on
all cores are:
31 C, 31 C, 35 C, 30 C,
32 C, 26 C, 29 C, 31 C

(click image for full res)

Feast on the Ghetto-ness!


(click image for full res)

Next Up

I'll need to order some supplies for modding the front part of the case for more
HDDs. Still not sure if I'll paint it. Can't paint it in the apartment, and
temps in my workshop in the basement have dropped significantly since we now
have just a few degrees above freezing outside, so conditions for spray painting
are not optimal at all at the moment.
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